Being a mum is hard enough. Imagine doing it without diapers.

Help Us From The Bottom Up

The Diaper Bank of Toronto is a registered charity.
Registered Charity Number: 84376 0331 RR0001


The Diaper Bank of Toronto helps fill a critical and otherwise unmet need for diapers among the most vulnerable in our community. The Diaper Bank believes that clean diapers are a basic need for babies and their caregivers. Yet 1 in 4 children in Toronto live in poverty and these families are at risk or have experienced diaper need.

The Diaper Bank partners with organizations that have direct experience and expertise working with high needs communities, particularly those located in Toronto’s inner suburbs, where child poverty is greatest.

The first drive in 2010 collected over 15,000 diapers, and the bank has been growing ever since.

The Diaper Bank also aims to raise awareness about the realities and effects of raising children in poverty.

What Is Diaper Need?

Diaper need is the struggle to provide babies and small children with clean diapers. Huggies® defines diaper need as having to cut back on essentials like food, utilities, medicine and child care in order to afford enough diapers for one’s children. In households experiencing diaper need, babies may be kept in wet, dirty diapers for extended periods of time. In extreme cases, babies may wear the same diaper for more than a day or used diapers that have been cleaned or dried out. A month’s worth of diapers can cost up to $100. Huggies® reports that 1 in 5 Canadian mums has experienced diaper need.

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